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About Gabrieli

Our Gabrieli Hand-weaving Gallery was opened in Old Jaffa in 1964.

We opened the Jerusalem Gabrieli Gallery in February 2005.

And we joined the eBay Community in October 2005.

All are proudly displaying our beautiful hand-woven talitot, never-stain hand-woven tablecloths and Kuzari ethnic fabric art.

Besides these items, which are extremely popular with our clients from around the world, we feature the artistic and whimsical sculpture of the well-known Frank Meisler, the hand-painted steel wall sculptures of Mary Goldmintz, and the colorful and symbolic silk screens by Victor Shrem and Morris Dahan.

We also feature unusual and unique jewelry made by creative Israeli artists.

The Artists

  "Gabrieli Weaving" was founded in 1964 by Malka Gabrieli. Malka studied at the "Betzalel" School of Art in Jerusalem. After her graduation she opened a small studio in Old Jaffa. She soon became well-known for her hand-looming, which she did in the basement of her studio...read more
Mary Goldmintz is a young artist who have "finally found her own melody" as she puts it, "I feel like I found the way to"...read more
Victor Shrem is a scion of a family that came to Israel in the 16th century, following the 1492 expulsion of the...read more
Morris Dahan was born to an immigrant family from Morocco. Since his childhood he was drawn to the arts and to...read more
Avner Agayof has been well known for the outstanding high class Judaica artifacts produced in his workshop...read more
David Gerstein is an Israeli well known artist. Lives in Israel and works at his studio in Jerusalem...read more
Inspired by the ancient land of the Khazars, Kuzari is a unique embroidery project in Jerusalem's exotic Bukharan Quarter...read more
Frank Meisler's limited edition sculptures and individuel works of art in bronze, pewter, silver and glod plating have...read more
Gabrieli Tallit - "Gabrieli Weaving" was founded in 1964 by Malka Gabrieli. Gabrieli Tallit and Judaica art shop located in Old Jaffa and downtown Jerusalem creates hand-woven, hand-loomed Gabrieli tallit sets in silk, wool & cotton. Gabrieli Tallit is the No1 manufacturer of Tallit and Kuzari in Israel. You can also find beautiful Judaica products, wedding presents, Bar & Bat Mitzva gifts and unique art work - visit our shop on your next visit to Israel